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Gift wrapping paper

JUNG Design – Gift wrapping paper for your instore wrapping service

Spoil your customers with the best packaging in town

Attractive gift wrapping is a small service detail that makes a big impact. Just like your carefully selected range of products, tasteful wrapping paper also helps you distinguish yourself from competitors and be best remembered. Your customers feel valued, well treated, and are happy to shop with you again.

Exclusive, trendy papers by JUNG are guaranteed to delight. As a leading manufacturer of gift and Christmas paper in roll and sheet wraps for instore packaging, we offer a comprehensive top-quality collection, which is continually updated. We also supply matching gift ribbons and stickers that stylishly emphasize the quality of your goods.

JUNG Design Collection

  • Available from stock in two annual collections
    Seasonal and Christmas papers following current design & colour trends

  • Individually created designs for each sector
    (Bookstores, perfumes, fashion, jewelry stores, gift stores)

  • Our papers are FSC® certified
    (Papers from responsible forestry)

  • Printing techniques for high-end papers
    High quality glitter and lacquer designs)

  • Quality Made in Germany.

Converting possibilities

A product for every need : Benefit from our efficient and flexible production options.
All gift wraps are available as rolls at widths of 50 cm and 75 cm, with lengths of 200 m or 400 m, as well as in sheets 50 x 75 cm and 75 x 100 cm, packed in boxes of 500 sheets.


Shop rolls option

on solid core 50 mm, with plastic plugs

  • Standard widths 50 cm and 75 cm
    200 m or 400 m length
  • Special widths 37,5 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm,
    or any widths up to our maximum printing width of 150 cm

Sheet option

in solid cardboard boxes or shrink-wrapped

  • Standard sizes 50 x 75 cm or 75 x 100 cm
  • Special sizes 37,5 x 50 cm and many other sizes on demand

Small roll option

on cardboard core, shrink-wrapped

  • Standard widths 50, 70 and 75 cm
    with length 1 m to 99 m
  • Special widths 37,5 cm and 70 cm
    with length 1 m to 99 m

Bulk roll option

for further processing, on solid core 76 mm

  • Standard width 50 cm and 75 cm
    with content 1.000 m to 10.000 m
  • Special width 37,5 70, 100 cm
    or all widths up to our maximum printing width of 150 cm

Gift wrap collections 2018

You can see our current collection of gift wrap and Christmas gift wrap in our interactive leaf-through online catalogue.