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Industriestraße 1
D-76479 Steinmauern
Tel. +49/7222/1007- 0
Fax +49/7222/1007- 44
Dipl.Kfm Claus Jung
Dipl.Kfm Stephan Jung
Günter Jung

Ust-ID: DE144018456
HRB 520103 Registergericht Mannheim

Please share your ideas with us. We will find the most suitable solution together – matching your individual requirements and budget. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 8.00 h – 12.00 h and from 13.00 h – 17.00 h.

We look forward to your call and your enquiries.

Your contacts are:

Sales Export

Jean-Pierre Vivès
Export Manager
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-14

André Brucker
Key Account Manager
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-56

Fréderique Tuchscherer
Key Account Manager
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-41

Danielle Brand
Export Sales Assistant
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-15

Susanne Germer
Export Sales Assistant
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-74

Freya Leibnitz
Export Sales Assistant
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-58

Ellen Schempf
Export Sales Manager, by procuration
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-45

Sales Germany

Stephan Jung
Managing Director
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-47

Markus Gartner
Key Account Manager, by procuration
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-19

Werner Winkler
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-17

Traugott Bruskowski
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-21

Harald Göpf
Sales representative
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-19

Jürgen Schwed
Sales representative
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-21

Duro Manjević
Sales representative
Tel. + 49 7222 1007-21


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